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Homtamin Ginseng grants visa renewal from MOH – DAV

Hanoi, 12th Nov 2016, Korea United Pharm. Inc. (KUP) officially announces the successful re-registration of the pharmaceutical product – ginseng extract - Homtamin Ginseng from MOH.

The event is not merely a re-issuance of visa for the product, but a milestone that proves excellent quality of Homtamin Ginseng from expert assessment as well as reaffirms the success of Homtamin Ginseng during its 20 years of circulation in Vietnam market.

Renewal visa for Homtamin Ginseng is numbered VD-24417-16, issued by DAV on 23rd Mar 2016 and valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

Renewal visa of Homtamin Ginseng this time is significant not only for the product itself, but also for consumers as well as the development of the pharmaceutical market in the near future. The clear demarcation between products of the group ‘pharmaceuticals’ as Homtamin Ginseng and products of ‘functional food’ – which only support the treatment - should help make the market more clearly delimitated. This is the basis for consumers to choose products that most suit their medical treatment needs.